Redragon M711 Cobra Review

The Redragon M711 Cobra Review is an amazing gaming mouse which provides very special facilities for the gaming experience. This smooth plastic mouse provides features that gamers and others computer programs user can just think about that features because it has the high sensor DPI of 10000,  seven RGB lighting option buttons through which we control all the colours and a smooth running scrolling wheel and comfortably in using. 

Redragon M711 Cobra Review

Redragon M711 Cobra ReviewThis mouse is designed in such a way that can bring you all the features that you want without any breaking the bank. It is manufactured quite slim and short as nowadays lot’s of people like slim and small products so this is the best buying mouse for Any gaming player and for all those customers who like slim quality because it slim (5×2.6) and short ( 1.6) inches. But if we look from the point of view of anyone who like large size mouse to use its not comfortable for that person. The Redragon M711 Cobra mouse has sides textured which help to be grip so well and great feel you won’t be expected if you see the price of Redragon M711 mouse. So it’s budgeted friendly product for all the professional gamers and other computer programs activities users. The programs having is so difficult to use because of its complexity designee.

This mouse have the optical switch for the control of its useful buttons and sensor related components. It is curved nicely and the lighting buttons is amazing and the performance of the mouse is just ideal for gamers because by just one touch the mouse react like a bullet within seconds its react. This versatile mouse is available on at budgeted price. Which currently allows customers to buy.

Features of Redragon King Cobra M711-fps

This mouse is designed with magnificent addition which is not only beneficial for gaming world but also does the Job in efficient way. This product is not too loud but it has the ability to response so well. You will be happy if you hear about it’s on board memory that memory can save games configuration which you can use on different computers. Check out Mouse for MMOS.

There is a lots of features that you could enjoy in gaming environments and with other activities like its DPI sensor is remarkable, seven colours lighting is also Good enough for you.

  • Size 

 It is wired connection product so it is so strong with connectivity perspective. The size is usually short and slim its shaped vertically 5.12 inches width of the mouse is 2.36 inches and 1.6 inches very slightly slim.

  • Weight

As it is very slim and short product as result it is quite weightless mouse its weight is roundabouts 100g that slightly weight makes extremely comfortable use. 

  • Design 

 This mouse has the features that you shall find that in some expensive mouse while it is inexpensive mouse for you. There is right buttons, scroll wheel, programmable dpi button, switching button for lighting and Ergonomic buttons along with left button there is plastic textured plastic which easily identify that what button you have pressed.

  • Button’s 

It is little rich in buttons not good enough other advanced models but yes there is something special for you to enjoy 7 buttons along with scroll wheel including switching button you can change your mouse lighting styles

  • DPI

 It has flexible DPI 10000 sensor which is greatly suitable for performing 1440p and 1080p displays if some one using large resolution screen then they should adjust the programs and specify the buttons for activities which also allow you to specify the scroll wheel as well.

  • Panel

 A perfect and strong mouse should have good panel for gaming competition but actually popular mouse increase rates. This mouse polling Rate are 125/Hz/250Hz/500/1000Hz which is leading rates panel through.

  • Gripping 

The gripping features is one of the greatest features of this product because of using textured plastic in its body. And you will feel better in grip position because of its small size.

  • RGB lighting 

The RGB lighting option is Glorious in this mouse because around 16.8 million colours are there if an special event some one doesn’t like so through software it could be turned off. 

Pros and Cons of Redragon Cobra M711 Gaming Mouse


  • This product provide comfortably in use
  • There is high customization in the mouse
  • Magnificent RGB lighting option 
  • Weightless product 
  • Quite slim product 
  • Available at low price in the market 
  • Good in gripping features 
  • Fully satisfied protection 
  • Fixable DPI sensor


  • Its difficult to understand software 
  • There is no rubberized material For smoothness 
  • Small in size might be dislike some people 
  • No long warranty product 
  • Wired connection product 
  • No large connectivity option 
  • Not a portable product 


Low budgeted people always like to buy a product at low price but qualitative product which can satisfies their needs so we discussed in detail the product available with 10000DPI sensor and with 7buttons can work so well at gaming world and other real-time data of input process. We have reached a mouse that is very high responsive and work quite well at achievable price. 


Q 1: is Redragon M711 Cobra mouse is weightless product? 

If we check out the Redragon M711 Cobra mouse plastic cover, small in size Manufactured with no rubberized material less in numbers of buttons so the Answer is come yes Redragon M711 Cobra mouse is weightless product.

Q 2: how good is Redragon M711 Cobra mouse? 

 This is very good mouse because of its normal DPI 10000 sensor and other features with low price its very good from the customers point of view. It is good mouse because it response by just one touch have speed 1000pc in second. 

Q 3: Is Redragon M711 Cobra mouse have customization? 

The answers is yes there is RGB lighting customization system and adjustment with software Available in Redragon M711 Cobra mouse. 

Q 4: how it is about software setup?

The Redragon M711 Cobra mouse is bit difficult with the set up software it is hard to understand software.

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