Logitech M510 Review

The Logitech M510 Review is a wireless mouse and it is quite a bit pricier and it features a fairly generic design. The Logitech M510 Mouse an innovative product that comes with lots of features and the user will enjoy this product because it is a multitasking product. Particularly the Logitech M510 Mouse is best suitable for users who use multiple Macs and Windows PCs. In addition to being the best and compatible Mouse with a sensor that actually works on all surfaces. The Logitech M510 Mouse features also allow users to copy and paste documents, images, and text from one computer to another easily and with a fast speeding workflow.

Logitech M510 Review

The Logitech M510 Mouse could be connected wirelessly with its USB receiver and quite heavy mouse since it also uses AA batteries for power. And unfortunately, the mouse doesn’t support a Bluetooth system but you can adjust the Rolling rate or CPI setting. Because it is a Logistic series so the product uses the old Logitech set point software that in unfortunately uncomfortable with macOS. The Logitech M510 Mouse is the best tool, especially for office use. It feels the customer very well built it also has an ergonomic shape best suitable for a palm grip for all hand sizes

And the Logitech M510 Mouse connects wirelessly with its USB receiver and you will be sad to hear that this product doesn’t support a Bluetooth system. And it has also a number of buttons to function while using the companion software. The Logitech M510 Mouse has low latency, High precision tracking, and also high customizable buttons that will allow users to quickly access different features of the product. And the Logitech M510 Mouse has a long-lasting battery and also a built-in feature product that will be best suitable for your hands. This product the Logitech M510 Mouse, we would gladly recommend you this product to buy.

Design: Slim and ergonomic

The Logitech M510 Mouse is a powerful product because of its design, the beauty of this mouse is it comes in a programmable nature. The Logitech M510 Mouse comes in three various colors including dark grey, metallic silver, and also a black one. And as we have discussed that some devices are not best suitable for the users who have short hands but this Logitech M510 Mouse is the best product to choose for everyone even the ones with small hands.

The Logitech M510 Mouse has a slim and rubberized texture body wireless mouse that is considered more slimmer rather than most of computer mice. The Logitech M510 Mouse weighs 5.1 Oz or 145 g. But let me tell you the little weight of this product doesn’t impact on the performance of the product. The Logitech M510 Mouse is still feeling the user will be balanced and a well-structured product and these features are more important than weight.

The Logitech M510 Mouse comes with a tremendous design because it features an extra button, like an on and off buttons that are placed on the bottom of the mouse and programmable buttons also. Besides the left and right buttons and as well as the middle scroll wheel the Logitech M510 Mouse also features an extra wheel next to the thumb grip for horizontal scrolling. And also this product comes with five more extra buttons like the back button, forward button, and thumb pad gesture button at the thumb grip function, mood shift button in the middle, and computer selector button in the back.

Performance: A mostly responsive and fast multi-tasker

The Logitech M510 Mouse is a great product especially for Gamers. The manufacture of the product has specifically designed the MX Master 2S for gaming purposes like the product has a feature called minimal latency and this feature is a necessary tool for the best experience of gaming. The mouse also features of light DPI switching and also a sniffer button but the product still works great especially for non-FPS games.

The Logitech M510 Mouse has many other features that are worth to mention but we will take the most impressive features of this product. As this mouse features 1000 DPI sensitivity that makes this computer mouse quite more sensitive than a traditional daily use computer mice. It has also a dark field sensor that allows users to perform high Precision tracking while using on any surface up to 4000 DPI. The comparison between a slim build-in body and enough surface area for the palm delivers a fairly Universal fit. The Logitech M510 Mouse is suitable for the large-handed users as well as the small-handed users and they will have comfort using the Logitech M510 Mouse. 

As we discussed in many articles that some computer mice are not suitable for small-handed people but this mouse features a tremendous design that best fits with every and size. The other feature of Logitech M510 Mouse is that it connects with various computers and PCs is at the same time simultaneously. This means that the user can move the mouse seamlessly from one device to another and even the user can use this Mouse to copy and paste text and files without clicking on a button to switch the system.

Pros and Cons of  Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse


  • It gives an overall control
  • Completely compatible with macOS


  • It gives cheap plastic feelings
  • Could be too big for small-handed people
  • It uses single battery


The M510’s wonderful and tremendous design enables your hand into a natural straight-ahead position and it is best for right-handed people.  The Logitech M510 Review also gives your wrist a break while the rubber grips on the mouse make a soft landing pad for your thumb and Pinky. The M510 Mouse also features extra shining buttons to turn your hand into a Control Centre that you will have all the control in your hands of the shortcuts.  There are also two extra buttons that are designed for your thumb on the left side of the mouse which really makes it easy to flick back and scroll down or up in a large web browser or pages or media player.

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