Logitech G900 Review

The Logitech G900 Review is Logitech’s top-of-the-line wireless gaming mouse. As results, it’s somewhat pricey, but it comes with some fantastic hardware. When it comes to wireless mice, the G900 is unrivalled in term of technology, and its design is as elegant as they come. Nonetheless, the Logitech G900 is up against a though competitor in the form of the razer Mumba. And the real question is whether spending money on a mouse can ever be justified. Continue reading to learn why you must this mouse.

Logitech G900 Review

For a long time, it appeared like Logitech was hesitant to embrace the gaming peripheral industries brash and aggressive design trend. That’s in the past; the Logitech G900 large, pointed, glowing aesthetics will command a desk. You won’t be disappointed if you are seeking for a device that looks good on a desk.

My first impression of the Logitech G900 was that it was completely empty. It’s unique light, weighing only 107g, which is amazing for a wireless mouse. The razer mamba, which isn’t extremely hefty, weighs about a fifth more. The scroll wheel had been hollowed out and its innards replaced with a; spoke; design to help slim down Logitech’s weight-saving efforts.

The body of the Logitech G900 is curved and has firm edges. It’s ambidextrous, so it may be used by either left or right handed people. And it does not do so at the sacrifice of poise; it’s comfortable in either hand and works with both palm and claw grip. The left and right buttons clicks solidly, and the actuation distance is short, with very little time between your finger moving and the switch clicking.

The mouse also includes two buttons on the left side, which are nicely positioned under the thumb. If you are a lefty, do not worry; the buttons detach magnetically and can be changed to the right side. If your game play style necessitates more macros, you can attach all four buttons to both sides.

The scroll wheel, which is covered in textured rubber, is located on the device top. Behind this is a switch that unlocks the wheel bearing, allowing it to spin freely rather than clicking in increments. When you are working and scrolling through large pages, this is a surprisingly rewarding game. On the scroll wheel, which is covered in textured rubber, is located at the top of the devices. Behind this are switches that liberate the wheel bearing, allowing it to spin freely rather than clicking in increments. Despite its small weight, the Logitech G900 appears to be nicely constructed. According to the manufacturer, the device is rated for 250 kilometers of travel and the switches have been subjected to 20 million presses.

Features of Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

All decent gaming mice come with a long list of functions, and the Logitech G900 is no exception. First, turn out the lights, the Logitech G900 is branded, which is marketing jargon meaning LED strips that glow. If that concept seen familiar, it’s because it’s nearly identical in every manner to razer’s Chroma. Gamer mice are now accepted to glow, according to reports.

We can’t blame Logitech for emulating the concept in ever-more-complex ways. There are 16.8 million hues to choose from, and you can use Logitech software to select any of them for the G900s lighting. There are various lighting patrons available, such as breathing, which causes the light to fade in and out in a relaxing manners. 


Logitech, like razer, offers its own software for sitting the G900s numerous features. You may modify the DPI priests, for example, so that you simply use the buttons to switch between comfortable levels of sensitivity. You may also change the pooling rate, which determine how frequently the mouse pings the computer, to use 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz and 1000Hz.

This is a specialized function, but it comes in useful, if your PCs processor can’t handle 1,000 inputs per seconds. 

You may also change the lighting of the mouse. Lightning profiles-as well as other defaults- can be saved to the G900 on board memory, making it simple to use the mouse on different computers without having to after the sittings.

Logitech goes much further. There is a feature that allows you to specify the surface on which you use the mouse. The software will then adapt your mouse position based on the reflections on the surface you are playing on, for example. Most players won’t find this really useful, but if you are serving get the most out of your game, every little bit helps.


The Logitech G900 excels of performance. I was blown away by how accurate the tracking was. Despite using the mouse on a verity of surface-wood, plastic, and a steel series mouse. I did not experience a single cursor jump.

This is no small feat for a wireless mouse, and Logitech has made a great ideal of the G900s ability to overcome the dread that wireless mice are prone to produced by interference, and it’s extremely difficult to test in a real-world setting.

These achievements can be attributed in part to the G900 ability to dynamically switch to lower-noise frequency channels, ensuring that the mouse is always operating under the best RF condition at any given time.

Pros and Cons of Logitech G900 Mouse


  • Outstanding achievements in the class gaming mouse
  • Sensor performance that it faultless
  • Lightweight
  • It looks as good as it feels
  • Battery life is excellent
  • Design that is both comfortable and ambidextrous
  • Wireless functionality is ideal


  • More buttons may be preferred by MMO players
  • Some people are put off  by the stunning design
  • There is no charging station
  • The side button are somewhat long


The Logitech G900 Review is best mouse for gaming and other work like documents. The Logitech G900 mouse is comfortable for those who work more time it gives relax to finger if some is left handed or right handed. It has more feature than the other mouse and a little bit expensive than other.

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