Best Mouse for Sketchup

A top-quality mouse is imperative for any task that requires precision and accuracy. That is especially true when it comes to CAD apps, such as AutoCAD and Sketchup. This software requires you to be as precise and accurate as possible. So it is a must to have the best mouse for Sketchup for performance and productivity.

However, since there are so many options out there, finding the best mouse for Sketchup can be a little tedious task. A few factors to consider while investing in a mouse for Sketchup is to check its compatibility with CAD apps, such as Sketchup, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, etc.

Moreover, also make sure that the mouse your investing in is also compatible with the operating system you are running.

In this review post, I will bucket the best mouse for Sketchup, SolidWorks, and AutoCAD to boost your productivity, performance, and efficiency.

So, let’s get started!

Buyer’s Guide: Best Mouse for Sketchup

I have included a small buying guide to help you find the best mouse for Sketchup. Make sure to consider the following parameters before investing in one.

· Ergonomics

CAD users work for longer hours, which means it is imperative to get a mouse that is convenient and comfortable to use for marathon sessions. When looking for a mouse, make sure to take ergonomics into account. Also, make sure you can use it for prolonged hours without developing RSI and any fatigue signs.

· Better Shortcuts

The best mouse for Sketchup and other CAD apps should have additional reprogrammable buttons for added functionality. If a mouse features reprogrammable keys, you will be able to store shortcuts and assign macros and other functions to make your CAD tasks a walk in the park.

· Better Space Navigation

A mouse is a wise pick and better than a standard mouse for CAD tasks if it offers better hardware for better space navigation. Each mouse is different than others when it comes to implementing better navigation via 3D space. It can be a trackball, proprietary navigator, or something else.

So, you will have to try to determine what works best for you. Though navigators can be added in a regular mouse as well, I believe a dedicated space navigator is a more convenient and most effective way to go.

Top Best Mouse for Sketchup 2021

Here, we share the best mouse for Sketchup in 2021. Take a look;

1. 3Dconnexion Cadmouse for CAD Professionals Windows/PC (3DX-700052)

3Dconnexion Cadmouse for CAD Professionals Windows_PC
3Dconnexion Cadmouse for CAD Professionals Windows_PC

When it comes to the production of the best mouse for Sketchup and other CAD apps, 3Dconexion 3D Cadmouse is one of the trusted and well-known manufacturers. You might see the mouse as similar to a conventional mouse, but it is explicitly designed for CAD purposes. The ergonomic design and up to three additional buttons make CAD working a walk in the park.

The manufacturing materials and the ergonomics of the mouse feel incredibly great. You could use the mouse for prolonged hours without developing RSI or any fatigue. The mouse is also armed with a middle button, which is a convenient alternative for scroll click. As scroll clicks can become flimsy, resulting in accidental scrolls, having this dedicated feature helps a lot in CAD.

For zoom and scrolling, it is armed with two reprogrammable thumb buttons that are reliable and fast. Due to the groove between them, You will enjoy a hassle-free maneuver without any visual cue.

However, the mouse utilizes Omron switches with pretty basic features. The mouse doesn’t hamper the workflow – because the response time is not an issue in CAD, it would be nice to get more advanced switches.


  • Omron switches.
  • Two reprogrammable buttons.
  • High-quality materials.
  • Insane ergonomics.
  • Up to 8200 DPI.
  • Middle scroll button.


  • The mouse is one of the top options when it comes to CAD apps, such as Sketchup, CAD, and SolidWorks.
  • It features outstanding ergonomics, a comfortable design, and top-quality build materials.
  • The mouse offers ultimate comfort, so you can use it for extender sessions without developing any sign of fatigue.
  • A mouse is a suitable option for medium-large hands.
  • It is armed with a middle scroll button and two reprogrammable keys on the side for zoom in/out.


  • The presence of Omron switches is pretty basic.

2. 3Dconnexion 3DX-700062 Cadmouse Wireless for Cad Professionals Windows/Mac

3Dconnexion 3DX-700062 Cadmouse Wireless for Cad Professionals Windows_Mac
3Dconnexion 3DX-700062 Cadmouse Wireless for Cad Professionals Windows_Mac

Similar to 3Dconnexion (3DX 700052), 3D-700062 is another top-rated mouse for Sketchup and other CAD apps like SolidWorks and CAD. Both of these mice are similar to each other when it comes to their design and comfortable feel. The more significant addition, however, over its previous iteration is its wireless usage.

You will enjoy a mobile experience since you can use the mouse through a dedicated receiver, USB cable, or via Bluetooth. In addition to its similarity to 3DX-700052, it feels pretty comfortable for marathon sessions and features fantastic ergonomics.

The same goes for its smartly arranged buttons layout and controls. It is armed with a dedicated middle button for clicks to replace the miserable scroll click feature. The mouse offers pretty great precision and accuracy, though the DPI rating is a bit lower than its previous counterpart – 7200.

Moreover, the two reprogrammable buttons are located on the side that you can use to assign macros and other functions. The mouse also offers another striking feature Smart Scroll, making it easy to toggle automatically between click-to-click zoom and scrolling. This comes in handy when you are working on intense CAD projects that require precision.

All in all, 700062 is a lot better than 700052 when it comes to connectivity convenience (almost at the same price).


  • Ergonomic design.
  • Smart Scroll.
  • Quick zoom.
  • Reprogrammable buttons.
  • Triple connectivity.
  • Hard-case pouch.


  • It is an excellent mouse for Sketchup that provides comfort, precision, and accuracy.
  • The mouse is also more convenient in terms of connectivity. You can connect it through a dedicated receiver, Bluetooth, and USB cable.
  • It is armed with various smart features, including Smart Scroll, Quickzoom, etc.
  • The mouse comes packed in a hard-pouch, making it easy to carry it around in backpacks.


  • The DPI is a bit lower than the one I have mentioned above (700052).

3. Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse for Mac

Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse for Mac
Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse for Mac

In my previous posts, I included many devices manufactured by Logitech that are incredibly popular among users. The brand’s legacy continues with another fantastic mouse for Sketchup. Their Logitech MX Master 3S is a remarkable mouse that you should take into account when buying one.

With outstanding ergonomic design, lightweight, and fantastic tactical feedback, MX Master 3S is a wise pick for any kind of use. However, some unique features, such as Flow Control and Auto-Shift scrolling, meaning it is specially designed for people who use CAD applications.

Before highlighting its functionality, which makes it an outstanding pick for CAD apps, let’s discuss its design.

However, worry not, the design is something legendary, and it won’t disappoint you. After all, it is manufactured by Logitech, which knows how to design ergonomics and how they work. You will surely enjoy its quality and comfort through and through.

The design looks aesthetically beautiful. From its polygonal pattern to the curvy body, this is something special. The mouse doesn’t disappoint when it comes to its features as well. You will fall in love with its Flow Control feature.

Because of it, you will be able to use the mouse on multiple devices at a time. It is a multipurpose mouse, but especially for CAD apps, it is a wise pick as many people use more than one device for their workflow.

Additionally, the Auto-Shift Scrolling provides extreme precision and work seamlessly between hyper-fast and click-to-click scrolling. What more, the triple-connectivity feature, along with impressive battery life, makes it a perfect mouse for Sketchup, SolidWorks, and CAD.


  • Impeccable ergonomics.
  • Comfortable, top-quality materials.
  • Triple connectivity.
  • It prolonged battery life.
  • Flow control.
  • Auto-Shift scrolling.
  • Multipurpose.


  • The mouse is manufactured using top-quality materials.
  • It offers insane comfort for those marathon sessions.
  • You can connect the mouse via USB cable, wireless, unifying receiver, or through Bluetooth.
  • You can use the mouse when it is on charge.
  • The presence of a flow-control feature enables you to use it on up to three devices at once.


  • Amazing features aside, the mouse is a bit on the pricey side.

4. 3DConnexion SpaceNavigator


If you have already saved all of your shortcuts and you just need a space navigator, you cannot afford to skip 3DConnexion SpaceNavigator. The mouse is almost as if the 3DConnexion took out the space navigator for 3DConnexion (3DX-700056) to make it a separate product.

The design of this product for CAD apps doesn’t disappoint at all. It is responsible for doing one job, and it does incredibly well. I’m impressed that it has a certain weight that does not let it glide around when being in use.

The presence of two programmable keys is also convenient. These side keys are intended for added functionality. It is a plus for sure, but in routine use, I don’t use it much. As for space navigation, it is armed with a familiar six-degrees-freedom optical sensor. It means you can use it for tasks, such as pan, zoom, and rotate 3D models. Combined 3DConnexion Space Navigator with a mouse, and you will get an impressive CAD set up. Many people won’t even bother to utilize half of its features of the mouse.


  • Simple, Sleek design.
  • Amazingly functional.
  • Two reprogrammable keys.
  • Six DoF optical sensor.


  • The product is designed to provide outstanding performance for CAD apps.
  • It is armed with two reprogrammable side keys for added convenience.
  • It is an excellent pick for space navigation since it features an impressive six degree-of-freedom optical sensor.


  • The absence of visual cues makes it difficult to use two reprogrammable side keys.

5. Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse

Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse
Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse

The Razer brand, like Logitech, needs no introduction at all. It is incredibly popular in the PC world because of its top-rated products and outstanding gaming-oriented peripherals. It is also a trusted pick when it comes to CAD users who are looking for a comfortable and precise mouse for Sketchup, SolidWorks, or CAD.

The mouse features three interchangeable side plates for thumb buttons and an impressive ergonomic design. If you do not mind the gaming aesthetics, this is a great companion for CAD usage.

Of course, it does have the iconic Razer design with the green and black theme and RGB lighting, but one couldn’t ignore its impeccable ergonomics that are praised by PC users from all across the world.

The presence of a scroll wheel offers great tactical feedback and is incredibly robust. You will also love the inclusion of two reprogrammable keys for added functionality. So, what makes it a good mouse for Sketchup and other CAD apps?

Well, the side plates for the thumb and three interchangeable plates will give you three options to pick from.

Among them, one I’m interested in features up to twelve fully reprogrammable buttons. You can use these buttons to map shortcuts and save your preferences by creating profiles through Razer’s user-friendly software.

The way the mouse is designed, you will enjoy the feel of each button without the need for a visual cue. In my testing, I loved its full working speed. The DPI rating of the mouse is also a whopping 16000.  It is armed with a fifth-generation optical sensor for insane accuracy, precision, and responsiveness.


  • Remarkable ergonomics.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Three interchangeable side plates.
  • Twelve reprogrammable keys.
  • Extreme accuracy and precision.
  • 16000 DPI.
  • Fifth-generation optical sensor.


  • The mouse is a wise choice and offers great ergonomics.
  • It is insanely comfortable to use for prolonged hours without developing any fatigue.
  • A distinctive feature is its three interchangeable side plates.
  • One of its interchangeable side plates includes twelve reprogrammable buttons for convenience and added functionality.
  • The mouse has a high 16000 DPI and armed with a fifth-generation optical sensor to provide extreme precision, accuracy, and responsiveness.


  • Razer aesthetics doesn’t look so professional.

6. Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball Mouse

Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball Mouse
Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball Mouse

Here, Logitech legacy continues with the release of its M570 wireless mouse. The mouse also inserts itself in the category of the best mice for Sketchup and other CAD apps because of its precision and accuracy. The presence of trackball makes it more convenient when it comes to CAD tasks.

Besides that, you will surely enjoy the same quality and ergonomic features Logitech is known for, including its impeccable quality and insanely responsive sensor. As usual, the mouse’s design is no different than Logitech’s iconic design. It is sculpted to fit right in any size of hands to make your work a breeze and a walk in the park.

Moreover, there’re two back and forward buttons located on the top, making navigation and surfing easier. The product is a wireless one and comes with a dedicated receiver known as a unifying receiver. Hence, you will get a reliable connection and accurate control. The battery life is pretty impressive, too.

Furthermore, the scroll inclusion feels pretty convenient. It offers good traction and is not flimsy or wobbly. However, it is not the selling point of it.

The presence of a trackball can be controlled easily using the right thumb, which makes navigation, mainly in 3D space, effortless. Furthermore, the trackball makes the device a unique one for CAD users to make their work accurate and easier.


  • Trackball
  • Outstanding ergonomics.
  • Unifying receiver.
  • It prolonged battery life.
  • Comfortable to use.


  • The mouse features excellent ergonomics, which makes it easy and comfortable to use for prolonged sessions.
  • It comes armed with a unifying receiver to offer you hassle-free and uninterrupted connectivity.
  • The battery life is pretty impressive and can last up to eighteen months via a single charge.
  • The dedicated thumb-control presence ensures accuracy, precision, and offers hassle-free 3D navigation.


  • The navigation buttons are hard to press accurately.

7. Logitech G700s Rechargeable Mouse

Logitech G700s Rechargeable Gaming Mouse
Logitech G700s Rechargeable Gaming Mouse

The Logitech continues to dominate my list of the best mouse for Sketchup. One of the brand’s numerous impressive products is the Logitech G700s rechargeable mouse. Though the primary aim when designing the mouse was to provide gamers a comfortable and accurate mouse, it is a great pick for CAD users as well.

With a range of reprogrammable keys for added functionality and convenience, the product is proven to be an excellent mouse for Sketchup and other CAD apps without deviating much from the conventions of a traditional mouse.

Additionally, as the mouse is primarily designed for gaming purposes, it is comfortable and easy to use for longer periods. Moreover, it also provides impeccable accuracy and responsiveness, even when you use it as a wireless mouse.

The remarkable battery life ensures uninterrupted and hassle-free use, which means you do not have to worry about running out of juice. You can use the mouse when it is on a charge. Besides that, another excellent addition is its thirteen reprogrammable keys that you can use to assign shortcuts, macros, and added functions.

Furthermore, you can store the macros and shortcuts in profiles through the help of its onboard memory, which makes switching between them convenient. You can create up to five profiles at a given moment.

Besides that, the buttons are extremely tactical and placed smartly. It means you can operate the mouse without any visual cue. What more, the scroll features lovely grooves to provide impressive feedback. All of these convenient features make Logitech G700s the best mouse for Sketchup.


  • Ergonomic design.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Top-quality built materials.
  • It prolonged battery life.
  • Thirteen reprogrammable keys.
  • Tactical buttons.
  • Scroll wheel.


  • The mouse is manufactured using top-quality materials to make it durable.
  • It is a wise choice if you work for prolonged hours and looking for comfortable mice to prevent RSI.
  • Thanks to its prolonged battery life, you can use it for longer sessions without worrying about running out of juice.
  • The mouse features thirteen reprogrammable keys to provide you with added convenience and functionality.


  • Besides its excellent functionality and features, the aesthetics are not much appealing.

Final Thoughts

There you go – seven best mice for Sketchup. I have listed the most trusted products that I think are unbeatable when it comes to CAD tasks. All of these mice for Sketchup offers different functionalities and have their pros and cons. So, make sure to consider every aspect before you invest in a mouse for Sketchup or other CAD apps.


Q: What mouse should I use for SolidWorks?

Ans: Plenty of mice are designed specifically for CAD apps, such as SolidWorks, Sketchup, and CAD, to make your CAD tasks a breeze. Some of the best options for SolidWorks include Logitech MX Master 3S, 3DConnexion 3D Cadmouse (3DX-700052), and Razer Naga Trinity.

Q: Should I use a mouse for Sketchup?

Ans: Using a trackpad or keyboard for orbit and pan is less convenient than using a mouse. So, yes! You should use a mouse for Sketchup to make your work a walk in the park.

Q: What mouse is best for CAD tasks?

Ans: There are plenty of mice when it comes to CAD tasks. I recommend checking Razer Naga Trinity, 3DConnexion 3D Cadmouse (3DX-700052), Logitech MX Master 3S, and 3DConnexion SpaceNavigator.

Q: What is the best mouse pick for designers?

Ans: Some best mice for designers include Logitech MX Vertical, Apple Magic Mouse 2, and Logitech MX Ergo.

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